How to Measure the curtain

For best curtains in Singapore with a single pleat, you need the rail length times 1.8 of fabric. Suppose you want curtains of 4 meters, then you need 4 x 1.8 = 7.20 meters of fabric.For a double fold you have to take the width of the fabric twice. Use your nesting rings, then you have enough to the width times 1.6.

If the fabric is not available in floor height, you must stitch fabric strips together. Make sure that you calculate as many jobs for both sides. You calculate jobs like this: divide the rail width through the fabric width. For example 500/150 cm = 3.3 meters x 1.8 = 6 lanes. Then you determine the height of the curtains: floor height minus 2 centimeters from the floor, plus 35 centimeter of dust surcharge for the double hem and the curtain band. You multiply this result by the number of jobs and you know how much fabric you invite.

Business idea for small business

No, housekeepers and butlers do not belong to the inaccessible world of the hyperluxe. An increasingly strong demand is observed in Singapore among the well-to-do middle class. The advantage of the butler is to save time by delegating domestic chores as a whole. To discover Singapore businesses, it is a proven way of success. Select professional and experienced people who offer irreproachable and unique services.

Organization of funerals

The idea: Three new companies have emerged in Singapore, proving that the business of the “dead” has a future: Theyorganize ceremonies for people and pets, offer online memorials ensuring to the deceased a digital eternity and allows you to plan and customize your funeral.

Propose a burial organization service where you choose the music, the place, the priest, the flowers, the death notice and the organization of the glass? The service can go up to the regular maintenance of the burial.

Types of phototherapy and its treatment

Light therapy is a treatment that is applied by dermatologists because risks are applicable. For psoriasis it is probably the most effective treatment because it can delay the growth of skin cells immediately.

However, many people find it very difficult to go to the dermatologist every week. You have to wait in the waiting room and it can take an entire day.

Fortunately, there is an alternative! There is Light therapy UVB for the home so you can treat the skin independently. There are two types of UVB lamps, the so-called wide and narrow lamps. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. With a narrow, there is less light coming out of the light bulb than the wide one, but it is more concentrated. For the treatment of psoriasis it is better to buy a narrow lamp. In addition, fewer treatments are required than a broad lamp. You can rent your phototherapy for home treatment with us now.

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