Fine Solutions for the Bedroom Furniture Design Now

The room is a room apart from home. We relax there, we relax, we sleep there (or not), we sleep there or take a nap, we work there maybe, we share pleasant moments … In shortand we go from time in the room, intimate place par excellence. No question, therefore, of neglecting its layout or the choice of furniture. Yes, the room is a separate room!

What to Choose?

The primary function of a room is obviously that of a sleeping room. So it seems natural enough to start by choosing a bed. Single or double, with or without headboard, with or without drawer, with or without bedside table included … Then select the height of your bed according to your preference. Finally, the finish (raw wood, lacquered surface, painted, headboard of wood or fabric, etc.) will set the tone for the choice of other furniture and accessories in the room. Once the bed is selected, the choice of a wardrobe, a dressing room, a library, a chest of drawers, a chiffonier, an office, a chair , chair or stool will follow easily. For the right bedroom furniture design you will be having the best option.

Reconcile Aesthetics and Practice

To reconcile style and practicality, think from the beginning about storage you may need. To avoid turning the room into a “garbage dump”, it is better to opt quickly for large storage spaces (experience, there is never too much). A well organized and tidy room will be easier to maintain and pleasant to live. If you have a small space, you are doubly concerned with this advice. Feel free to choose taller furniture with more drawers and / or closets. To reconcile efficient storage and designer furniture, discover Gautier solutions.

Mismatched Furniture Or Plain Furniture?

If some prefer to keep a stylistic unit (same finishes, same handles, same shade of woodwork, etc.) you do not have to choose all the bedroom furniture in the same range. On the contrary, you can choose to mix the universes … For example; the contrast between your dressing doors and your furniture will give a little more intensity and relief to your furniture.

Whatever your preference, for your main colors, choose soft, soothing shades to create an atmosphere conducive to rest and relaxation. Nothing prevents you to raise the whole by a more audacious accessoirization. A carpet, a curtain, a lamp, an armchair … Do not hesitate to dare originality.

For some, including small housing (a city apartment for example), the room is not only a rest area, but also a space for reception, work, perhaps even a space shared with space kitchen (a studio for example). In this case, the choice of furniture and furnishings must be made according to the practicality, the modularity of the elements or their multi-functionality. A bed easily convertible into a sofa, a coffee table serving as a dining table, a fully folding bed, a desk or a table hidden behind a sliding door … There are many solutions.
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