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Fine Opportunities for the Proper Factoring Now

Since the co-operative will have too little capital to survive the default of a single customer, it will work with a factoring company.Everyone knows the situation. The service is provided and the invoice sent to his customer. However, the open invoice is not settled in the payment term. Thus, the employee in accounting is currently on vacation or sick. The bill has allegedly not reached the customer. It can quickly lead to liquidity bottlenecks.

The best Solution

One solution is factoring. The company continuously sells its invoices to a factoring company. As a rule, 80 percent of the invoice amount is paid immediately. The remaining 20 percent is after receipt of payment by the end customer less fees. As a result, the entrepreneur immediately has liquidity. In addition, the default protection as well as the dunning process is taken over.

Factoring companies are subject to strict regulatory requirements similar to a house bank. The company is a financial services institute licensed by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority. This ensures the highest degree of seriousness and quality. In our core business we finance nationwide small and medium-sized companies with an annual turnover of up to 10 million dollars. The factoring invoices surely nail it.

Which idea is behind?

So far, factoring was primarily reserved for medium-sized companies and large companies. For the target group of freelancers there was no offer so far. Due to several inquiries in this area, we decided last year to launch the online financing service. The product was developed together with freelancers. In particular, the focus is on quick and easy implementation and a lean process. The contract therefore includes only one page and a service fee, which includes all services such as credit check, financing, default protection and dunning. The payment is made within 48 hours to the Freelancer.

What are the requirements for the use?

Only commercial customers come into question. Private customers are excluded from financing. There is no minimum size for invoices.

How does the exam take place?

The Freelancer registers with name, e-mail and phone at He receives the financing contract, in which only address and bank account are to be supplemented. Payments will be made to the specified account in the future. The signed contract will be sent directly by e-mail to the responsible customer service representative. The callback will be made within 24 hours. Together, the process is explained and even needed information such as copy identity card and debit card matched. After providing the necessary documents, the decision is made immediately.

What changes for me in the daily routine?

In the run-up to the invoicing, you send us the exact data of your customer. You will receive immediate feedback on whether your requested customer is financed by the experts. After a positive decision, you create your bill as usual after the service has been provided and send it to your customer. On your account is the bank account number they have specified, including a note to deposit. At the same time send them the invoice online or by e-mail. Within 48 hours, they will transfer the invoice amount minus your service fee to your bank account. Your customer pays the bill to the company.

The Right Mortgage Options for the Best Deals

The vast majority of apartments in new buildings buyers buy with a mortgage. In here, the share of mortgage transactions in the primary market is 85%, in the regions the figures are hardly very different. It is clear that for many, a loan for an apartment is the only way to buy a home. So successfully passing all the bank checks becomes a very, very important mission.

What rules need to be met and what requirements to meet in order to underwrite the bank and get a mortgage loan. The mortgage broker GeelongĀ helps in the best deals here.

Fixed income

As practice shows, the application for a mortgage is most often considered 2-4 days. This is quite enough for the bank’s specialists to study the potential borrower from all sides. Undoubtedly, one of the most important criteria for the approval of a loan is regular wages, and the higher it is, the better. The income will need to be confirmed with a 2-NDFL certificate or a certificate in the form of a bank. The availability of other official revenues (dividends, rental income, deposits), as well as assets – of a land plot, car or dacha significantly increase the chances of obtaining a loan.

Higher education

The presence of a diploma of higher professional education is also a plus in the characteristics of the borrower. It is important for the bank that the loan is serviced in a timely manner, and the availability of professional knowledge and skills is seen as a guarantee that the borrower will always be able to find work and fulfill its obligations to service the loan.

Mortgage without down payment: where, how, how much?

Is insurance required for mortgages?


At the same time employees for hire, with regular income, have an advantage over representatives of creative professions, whose financial income is difficult to predict. Banks avoid giving out loans to those whose professional activities involve a high risk of injury, such as extreme sportsmen. For men under 27 years of age, it is extremely important to have a military ticket, and his absence must have a legal basis.

Credit history

This fact, like the borrower’s credit history, will also not be left without attention. Mortgage involves payments over time, so it is important for banks to know how conscientiously the borrower performed his duties before, if he already took out a loan. Delays in payments in the past, even for a cell phone or a fur coat, may be the reason for refusing a loan.

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